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Years of Experience

Boy-BO Textile that has been founded in 1995

serves its customers as an integrated facility with its modern knitting facility, latest technology dyehouse and expert staff in 40.000m2 open and 30.000m2 closed area in Esenyurt / İSTANBUL.

Since the day it was founded, it has continued to grow as a leading company in its field with its quality understanding and production.; it has proven itself by providing employment and with international brands that contracting and giving sales services. Over these years Boy-Bo textile has gained a respectable place in the sector.

While serving international brands such as Benetton, Armani,Zegna, Diesel, Topshop, H&M, Next, Reebok, Fila, Gap, Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Zara, LCW, Colins, we continue to increase our quality and efficieny with our investments in human resources and product development.

Boy-BO Textile’s basic policy is to serve the quality demanded by the customer with latest technology machines, modern production, experienced staff, good service and total quality understanding.


BOYBO TEXTILE, in fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing processes, the quality assurance of the products and services it produces and develops in accordance with national and international standards, legal and technical conditions, by applying and controlling the quality assurance of products and services with a customer-oriented approach, giving importance to society and environmental health, and an understanding of continuous improvement. with the aim of maintaining the least mistakes and continuously improving customer satisfaction.

BOYBO TEXTILE, adopts to maintain its cooperation by controlling the supply chain starting from our supplier companies and reaching our customers, starting from our supplier companies, in legal and technical matters with a win-win policy and making improvements with the suggestion system.

BOYBO TEXTILE has established and continues its control and measurement processes in order to increase the quality and motivation of its employees, who adopt its policy and consciously implement and support it, to increase their satisfaction, through open communication, teamwork, training and activities.

BOYBO TEXTILE focuses on meeting the requirements of Quality, Environment, product safety, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and continuously improving its effectiveness, providing the necessary resources, focusing on protecting our natural environment with the approach of preventing pollution, respecting people and the environment, protecting health, reducing waste and increasing recycling. It sees increasing the rate of using natural resources, using environmentally friendly products instead of restricted and banned chemicals, using energy efficiently, increasing the share of renewable energy resources in energy use as the assurance of its existence in the future.

As BOYBO TEXTILE, We are committed to comply with the applicable legal regulations that we created in order to ISO 9001:015, ISO 14001:2015 VE ISO 45001:2018 standarts and other requirements that we apply voluntarily and will be open to all employees, suppliers,customers and third parties.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission,

To present our products and services with high quality to our valued customers, To maintain our feature of being an innovative company that is at the forefront of its sector and closely follows the technological developments in the changing competitive conditions. The result of a modern organizational structure and a proactive team work; Acting with the principle of reliable, fast and quality service.

Our Vision,

Bo Group bases its product and service-related aims and activities on customer satisfaction and superior service. It continues its activities with an understanding of quality, environmental awareness and social responsibility, and an advanced vision that is open to continuous development and renews itself. Our main goal is to meet the changing and increasing expectations of our customers with the understanding of total quality.


» To produce quality products with teamwork and advanced technology,
» To deliver faultless manufacture to our customers on time
» To provide outstanding service at once and on time
» To be among the leading companies in the textile sector in the future, as it is today, by closely following the technological developments in the sector
» To adopt the goal of always achieving better as a principle by giving importance to continuous development with the consciousness of us
» To use raw materials that are not harmful to human and environmental health in our production activities
» To ensure the development of our employees through continuous training
» To meet the requirements of the Quality Management System with the participation of our employees

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Honesty and Reliability

As Bo Group, in our struggle, which started in 1995 with faith and determination, we aim to optimize production, service, quality and cost with our advanced and constantly updated technology in order to meet the economic and social needs of our customers, employees and society in the best way, to activate the training and development of our employees at every level. As the Group, we have a claim to maximize our sustainable competitiveness and performance in the sector and to be the best with our principles that make us who we are! We, as Bo Group, have promised these goals with all our employees. Looking at the point reached today, our performance shows that we have kept our promises. Just as at the beginning, we will always keep our word today and even in the future.